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All about Anal fissures and Fistulae

Although they are rare, anal fissures or fistulae can be painful and distressing. Rectal tearing can be distressing and difficult to treat. It is something that everyone experiences at one time or another in their lives. 

Anal fissure refers to a tear in the lining or skin around the anus. Fistulae refer to the abnormal channels in the anus that open onto the skin around the anus.

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Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

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Although fistula and anal fissure have no known causes, constipation is often associated with them. These conditions can also be associated with an inflammatory stomach. 

Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and many other conditions could be associated with them. Fistula can be caused by a collection of pus, called an abscess, or infection, in one gland near the anus. It may also cause multiple anal fissures.

Fistula symptoms or complications may include sudden, severe pain in the area around the anus. It can occur suddenly or after bowel movements. It is sharp, recurring, and worsens with each bowel movement. 

The constipation is worsened by the victim not opening their bowels, which makes it more difficult for the fissure to heal. The condition can also be associated with the sentinel pimple', which is hemorrhoid. This is a small vein that lies outside of the anus and may occasionally bleed.

An anal fistula is usually associated with painful abscesses. This can be either in the area of the anus or dull and throbbing. An abscess may have pus that is blood-stained.