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Asphalt Paving Companies: What Functions Do They Perform

If you own a residential or commercial property, chances are sooner or later you'll have to do maintenance on your parking lot or drive. There are numerous things to consider when selecting a full service asphalt paving company to perform these services on your premises.

Some builders specialize in concrete and many others in asphalt paving and some provide services for both. One important consideration to consider when contracting work on your premises is whether it's a residential or commercial job.

Thus, ensuring the company carries the correct insurance. Additionally, it is recommended to check up on the company’s insurance, what it covers and the dollar amount of coverage for their coverage.

There are two different ways the real work will take place. Some companies perform their job with in-house teams, and others outsource the actual work to be performed. There are pros and cons to each.

When firms use in-house crews they’re able to take on projects and assign a team to the job in their own firm. When using subcontractors, you're sometimes dealing with other businesses workload and their scheduling challenges.

Among the pros to using sub-contractors isn’t to have to maintain the crews and equipment busy during the offseason or in poor weather. Sometimes companies using sub-contractors just provide project direction and administrative services. Plenty of times this technique works better because of the many unique scopes of work required to complete the same job.