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Go With The Right Flow: Hydraulic Earth Auger

Hydraulically powered earth augers are one of the most popular attachments available for skid loaders, mini excavators, backhoes and compact loaders. Their power, productivity, and ease of use have made them a go-to solution for both small- and large-scale digging projects. But given their simplicity and dependability, these hole diggers often aren’t given much thought. You can also buy hydraulic earth auger via groundhogparts.

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However, earth augers do require a certain amount of attention when it comes to operation, despite their basic and rugged design. Although these products are meant to boost the productivity of the machines they’re attached to, productivity suffers when hole diggers aren’t used or maintained properly.

An earth auger will perform as desired is to verify the attachment is compatible with its power source. The skid steer, backhoe loader or mini excavator must have adequate hydraulic flow and pressure ratings in order to provide enough power to the attachment. If the attachment is compatible, the operator must also be sure to plumb the hydraulics correctly.

After the hoses are hooked up, activate the hydraulics to ensure the auger rotates in the proper direction. If this doesn’t happen, the hoses must be interchanged. In some cases, the auger will still turn in the right direction if hooked up improperly, but the performance will be extremely poor, and excessive internal backpressure will be placed upon the auxiliary hydraulic system.