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Attract Customers With a Feature Door

Doors are rarely the most inspiring feature of a business premises. After all, the focus often has to be on security, so doors will be large, thick and featureless. Often, if a door is functional – it opens, closes and keeps out drafts – then the appearance is barely considered, let alone thought of as important. 

However, there is a lot you can do to retain the level of security you want, while welcoming customers to your premises with a beautiful door. You can also visit to find the beautiful feature doors. 

And shouldn't the door look as welcoming as possible? After all, this is one of the first things potential customers will see, and could have an effect on whether they come in and buy things.

So what can you do to balance security and safety with a welcoming, attractive door?

Glazing beads can transform the look of your door, and still maintain a high level of security.

These small glass sections can be designed in almost any shape, and are a great way to reflect the personality of your business.

If you run a pet shop, why not add to the door with a glazing bead shaped like a dog bone or an animal? If you run a florist, the glazing bead could be in the shape of a plant or bunch of flowers, or you could stick to a simple shape such as a square or circle.

A skilled craftsman should be able to create just about any shape you can imagine to add a section of glazing to your door.

And you do not need to worry about security. Beads from a reputable manufacturer should be designed with security in mind. While they may be viewed as a weak point by potential intruders, it should be impossible to praise the glazing bead free.