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Bobby Berk Collection Wallpaper Will Transform Your Basement

It might be challenging to transform your basement with wallpaper, but we’ll show you how to pick the bobby berk collection wallpaper design for your room in this tutorial. We’ll also show you three other basement wallpaper “looks” that combine various wall décor items. Let’s get started!

Choosing the Right Color for Basement Wallpaper

Basements contain less natural light, and artificial lighting can cast a bright yellow or white glow depending on the type of lightbulb used. As a result, it’s critical to consider how wallpaper colors will seem in your basement, as all of these aspects might have an impact on how it appears on your walls. To test how the wallpaper sample appears on the wall, use some wall-safe tape to affix it to the fence temporarily. If your basement has windows, examine the wallpaper while it is closest to natural light and then evaluate it in a room with less natural light.

Choosing the Right Pattern for Basement Wallpaper

Basement areas are frequently separated into two types: a single huge space or a series of rooms. When selecting a wallpaper design for your basement, the size of the walls should be taken into account. Smaller-scale patterns are adaptable and can be used in a variety of settings. On the other hand, small-scale wallpaper designs are suitable for covering a smaller basement wall since they don’t appear too “busy” within the trim area. If you’re decorating a vast wall, a wallpaper mural is a good choice because large-scale imagery looks best when placed on a larger surface. Basement ceilings are also lower than those in the rest of the house. To provide the idea of higher walls, use vertical striped wallpaper, and it may help the basement appear and feel more spacious.

Dry Erase Wallcoverings Are A Multipurpose Choice

Dry-erase wallcoverings indeed have their applications as basement wallpaper. It’s a multipurpose and practical wall décor item that turns any wall into a finished writing surface. It might be a fantastic alternative for individuals who want to maintain their basement room looking fresh and tidy but don’t want to go all out with a complete mural or wallpaper because of its white tone.

In basements, feature walls may provide a stunning visual.

Basements typically feature vast, open walls, ideal for wallpaper murals, which perform and look best when they have room to “breathe.” Unlike typical wallpaper designs, most murals contain a single enormous picture rather than repetition. Using a wallpaper mural as a feature wall in your basement is something to consider if generating a “wow” effect is essential to you. Another wallpaper design on the rest of the walls might complement feature walls, giving the area a more uniform and elegant appearance. If you want to draw attention to the main wall, complement wallpaper with a small-scale pattern or an abstract design. Grasscloth, textures, and textiles are examples of wallpaper style categories.

Final words

Choosing the perfect bobby berk collection wallpaper for your basement might be influenced by the lighting circumstances in the space, as opposed to the bedroom or home office. One approach to trying out numerous wallpaper colors and patterns is to test them out in your basement’s lighting conditions.