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Consider to Look for these Qualities When it comes to Hiring a Lawyer


Professional lawyers are those who help their clients in so many ways. For instance; from winning a case to getting a legal advice, a lawyer can do wonders. It is absolutely important for the client and communication to have a swift and clear communication at all times. The sad part though, is the difficulty in finding the best lawyer as many are available today. If you happen to be searching for one, then consider looking at these qualities in a lawyer.

  1. The Level of Comfort –Always make sure that you are comfortable during the presence of the lawyer. Once you start feeling comfortable and more relaxed, then you can go ahead by discussing about your case.
  2. The Fees – As you start discussing about your fees, there are some additional things to consider after the discussion of your case. First, prefer not to hire a lawyer if the case is too small. Second, check with the lawyer about their fees whether they charge on hourly basis or charge a flat fee. Third, check with the lawyer for any charge of additional fees.
  3. The Homework – After you’re done discussing everything with the lawyer, it is your duty to do a research on them. Go online and visit the state bar association website to learn about the lawyer’s character, reviews, social behavior and more.

Make sure you look for these qualities while hiring a construction lawyer. It is important that the lawyer knows everything related to building construction law.

Construction Law: Residential vs Commercial


Whenever a structure needs to be constructed, construction law has to be involved. This is to monitor the work to go smoothly and to make sure the rules and regulations are not broken. In order for the project to go in the best possible manner, construction lawyers are required.

Key Terms – In the construction industry, it is important for one to know a few important terms. For instance; Client is the one who carries out the work related to the construction. A contractor is the one who takes the responsibility of building the structure, while sub-contractors are those who work for the contractor.

Residential Property – A property built for the sole purpose of living is called as residential property. This property can be in the form of an apartment or flat that involves the residential construction law to be followed.

Commercial Property – A property built for the sole purpose of generating profit is called as commercial property. This type of structure can be either owned or rented by involving the commercial law.

The Similarities – While constructing either a commercial or residential structure, the work involved remains the same, like in the matters of contracts, solving disputes, procurement procedures, insurance etc. However, it is the law that is different even when the process is same in the cases of purchasing of goods and building materials, contractors, trade workers, equipment etc. At the end of the day, hiring a construction lawyer is best to make sure the project runs smoothly without any delays.

Although, the laws may be different between the two, having the best construction lawyers from Perth is always going to be beneficial.