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Singapore Company Formation – Duties of the Secretary

You have the responsibility of making sure your company has everything it needs to hit the ground running. Before you can register your company with Companies House, you will need to set it up. Your company's Articles of Association will need to be set up.

Your shareholders, directors, and company secretary will need to be set up. Many underestimate the importance of the role of the company secretary. Many people are unaware of the company formation process. A secretary is not someone who answers phones or makes coffee.

Each company that is registered in Singapore must have at least one director and a secretary. One or both of these are mandatory for a company. You can appoint a company secretary from W.L.P GroupHe can be employed to be a director, but you will still need 2 directors who are only directors but not the secretary.

Although the job of the secretary is administrative, it also includes the preparation and sending off of documentation to Companies House. They sign off on company accounts but are not responsible for what's inside. This is the responsibility of the directors.

The company secretary has certain duties and responsibilities. However, they are not allowed to be involved in the day-to-day running of the business. They can sign documents and company proceedings to authenticate them. After someone is nominated for the position of secretary, and they accept it, they will be legally responsible under the Companies Act.

Before you choose someone to take on the role of secretary, make sure they are capable of handling the job. Also, ensure that they adhere to the Companies Act. The secretary has a few duties to follow, but the owners of the company will define the duties before they nominate any.