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Are Likes As Important As TikTok Followers?

Social media influencers are always looking at metrics to see how their performance is faring. You can’t know whether your content is having the desired impact unless you analyze your numbers, after all.

Different social media platforms have different requirements; For example, if you use Twitter, you may appear to have a lot of comments, but in reality, your content is inconsistent, which can cause you problems.

When you use TikTok, you have two main characters to consider: your likes and followers. While view count is also important, likes and followers are the best way to track how successful a video is and whether it will be a long-term success for you. You can also get the tiktok likes via

The first thing you need to know is what TikTok likes. When you post a video, you will see a little heart icon. A number will appear next to this icon, and this is the number of likes the video received.

TikTok followers are quite understandable. These are people who liked your videos so much that they chose to follow you, which means they will be notified when you upload new content.

It all depends on what you want to do on TikTok. If you want to build a lasting presence, followers are essential; These are the people who keep you afloat as an influencer on social media. On the other hand, likes can come from people who are not yet followers, and if the video gets a lot of likes, that's a good sign that people are enjoying what you do.