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Why choose Amigos for Demolition?

Amigos Demolition Company are the licenced and trusted company for residential demolition process in Sydney   Our coordinated and dedicated team of renowned    specialised engineers engaged in the process of demolition over two decades.   Our team of result-oriented professionals strive hard to bring every demolishing project with strategic planning, controlled methods, and foremost safety.  Every care is taken not to harm environmental and physical damage to the surroundings. We are the # rated building demolition company throughout Sydney.   


The term ‘Demolition’ can be termed as reverse construction.  And/or you can say it is safely bringing down buildings or razing process and preserving the valuable materials for the purpose of reuse and recycling.  By removal of debris and provide a clear land for construction of another building is the sole objective.


The demolition process is somewhat a ticklish process which has to be done with utmost care and sound civil engineering practices. Demolition can be done either manually or by machinery.  But with the availability of hi-tech machinery, now-a-days optimum utilisation of machinery is in vogue. However, 2 to 3 storied buildings can easily be razed. Whereas to demolish huge and high-rise residential buildings involvement of hydraulic equipment, elevated work platforms, cranes, excavator and /or bulldozers.   Alternative, options are also available that by the use of explosives but involve high risk and danger.  Besides it may also disturb environmental hazards and harm to the nature. So, this process is rarely used depending upon the situation.  The other option is the use of a crane with attaching of a wrecking ball is also used to demolish the structure.  This process is also used rarely as it may go uncontrolled because of the swinging of the ball and other related implications. down to a certain manageable height. implications associated.

At Amigos Demolition Company Sydney , we have bundle of experience to our credit to handle any complex situations.  Each and every project is closely monitored by expert professionals. All aspects of safety norms are adhered to while demolishing residential buildings in Sydney.