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Choosing The Right Materials For Commercial Roofing in Redding

Commercial buildings with a very low slope or horizontal roof are great candidates for a built up roofing membrane called BUR. This type of commercial roofing was employed since the late 1800's very successfully and provides many advantages. One positive advantage to having a built up roof is the simple fact it is available within a flame, wind and hail related roof program. 

Another extra advantage is that the roofing contractor who matches the BUR will normally supply the choice of surface can incorporate long-term guarantee business roofing in Redding. BUR is also referred to as a tar and gravel roof since it consists of two to three layers of bitumen and strengthening fabrics and lined with gravel. 

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Bitumen is a black, fatty substance that's a natural byproduct of decomposed substances. It's also called pitch or asphalt.  It's been used through history for a sealant so its no wonder it's been used for as long as commercial roof stuff. This industrial roofing system utilizes alternating layers of bitumen.

The typical lifetime of a built up roof is ten to twenty five decades. Several things come into play which can determine how long your specific roof will survive. The geographical location and climate conditions in addition to the incline of the roof as well as also the conditions that the roofing has been set up beneath will impact the life of your built up roof membrane.

To be able to prolong the life span of the roof it's very important to keep the roof through yearly inspections. Annual inspections are a fantastic way to ward off any undetected water harm because asphalt is vulnerable to penetration by water that may get in the construction itself when left undetected. Installing a tar and gravel roof would be the ideal way to insulate and protect a flat roofing.