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Singapore’s Startups Need A Company Secretarial Service And Here’s Why

The initial stages of setting up the company together are the most difficult. Imagine all the planning and brainstorming that you must do to create a sound business plan in addition to all the documentation and requirements you must complete ensuring that your company is running smoothly.

Startups can't afford to remain smug at this point this is the reason they must hire the best company secretary service providers in Singapore.

The Reason Startups Should Have a Company Secretary

For startups, filling in the company secretary role is not as important as say, linking with good connections to ensure the stability of the company. Startup companies are more concerned about taking their business off the ground than hiring key people at the early stages of incorporation.

After all, why spend money on initial recruitment when you can do the work yourself and direct the budget on more pressing concerns like marketing and promotion of your new business? This is reasonable, sure. The thing, though, is that when you're a startup firm in Singapore, you can expect to face a multitude of statutory requirements before your business operations actually start.

One of these requirements is to ensure that you have a company secretary already working for the company within six months of incorporation. Whilst the company secretary doesn't hold as much liability as other major stakeholders of a company (directors, shareholders, and auditors), it is a key role that serves as a glue to hold the business operations together.