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Before You Try Craft Beer, Learn These Terms

If you're just beginning to explore the craft beer scene There are a few tips to help you begin. Below, you'll find an explanation of some of the most frequently used words that are related to craft beers. And these terms will then be used to describe the different flavors you'll experience in your sampling attempts.

Craft beer terminology

Here are some phrases that are most frequently used in the context of the finest craft beers in Australia. And you'll likely be hearing them often:

Craft Beer: India's craft beer craze is a blessing for Australia - The Economic Times

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  • Hoppy– One of the most important ingredients that give the aroma of craft beers and flavor, hops may be slightly piney, occasionally quite floral or woody and sometimes they can be fruity like when they are infused with citrus and tropical fruits, or apple. 

  • Fruity- The most commonly encountered fruity flavors in craft beers include cherry plum, bananas Apricot, lemon, and grapefruit. 

  • Bitter- Bitterness in craft beers originates from the hops used to make the beer. However, not all beers with a lot of hops are bitter. The amount of bitterness varies on when the hops were added and the degree to which they are properly balanced with the right amount of malt. 

  • Spicy – This particular flavor is not a reference to the level of spiciness that you could discover in a bowl of chili but to the type of spice that is found in cloves, pepper, star anise, and coriander. 

  • Malty-One of the primary ingredients in craft beer is malted barley. the roasting process can have a significant impact on the taste and color of craft beers. Malts that are lighter in flavor may taste like nuts or biscuits while medium roasts look like caramel. Dark roasts can take on the look of dark coffee or dark chocolate.