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Information About Criminal Law in Spain

According to criminal law, crime is a violation of public order. There is a legal fiction in the general legal jurisdiction that crime disrupts sovereign peace. Government officials acted as sovereignty agents responsible for demanding violations. Thus, the "Plaintiff" criminal is the authority, which in practice is translated as king or human. 

The main objective of updated criminal law in Spain is prevention and punishment, while civil law is individual compensation. Violations consist of two separate elements; Physical action (Actus Reus, guilt) and the psychological state needed where the action was carried out (Rea Male, the spirit of guilt). For example, in murder, "Actus Reus is a murder of someone who violates the law, while" Rea Male is malice (intention to kill or cause serious body damage).

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Criminal law also describes in detail protection that can be done by the defendants to reduce or deny their responsibilities (criminal responsibility) and show possible punishment. Criminal law does not require victims' or victims' approval to demand the perpetrators. In addition, the victim's objection can be prosecuted, and the agreement of the victim is not a defense in most crimes.

Criminal law in most jurisdictions, both in general and civil, is divided into two fields:

* Criminal procedures regulate the procedure to eliminate violations of criminal law

* Substantive criminal law provides definitions and penalties for various violations.

Criminal law is understood as a system that regulates individual and group behavior in connection with social norms in general, while civil laws mainly focus on the relationship between individuals and their rights and obligations based on law.