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Rules you Should Always Follow While Staying in a Hostel


You must have heard from your neighbor or friends about their recent awesome experience staying in a hostel. However, no traveler tells you about the rules that is required to be followed while staying in a hostel. These are a few rules you should follow which aren’t that hard to understand neither hard to follow.

  1. Always Respect Other People – You are bound to find many travelers checking in and out from the hostel you are staying in. Regardless of their color, background or religion make sure you respect them all the time. Doing this will ensure other travelers also show the same form of affection and respect.
  2. Maintain Silence – Once the lights are out after 10 PM, maintain silence to ensure you do not disturb other's sleep. Hostels have common rooms where you and someone else can still hang out if you wish to.
  3. Smile – As mentioned earlier about the respect, you should also smile while talking to other travelers. A simple hello with a genuine smile can make your trip even more worthwhile.
  4. Clean it – Not just the bathroom needs to be kept clean but also the kitchen. Since modern hostels allow travelers to use the kitchen it is important to wash every utensil after use. This simple practice ensures others also follow you.
  5. Bring yourself some Earplugs and Face Mask – These are 2 of the best handy items you should bring along to a hostel. These items allow you to work and sleep peacefully.

Follow these set of rules while staying in some of the best Krabi hostels.