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All About Sales Recruitment Agency

Q: If I send my CV to recruitment agency sales, will they then send it to the company without my knowledge?

A: They certainly do not have to do. Sales recruitment firms have a duty of care once they have your details. Legally they need special permission from you to send your personal information anywhere. Once you have entrusted them with your CV they have a duty of care to keep these details completely confidential.

All About Sales Recruitment Agency

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Q: What is the use of a company using a sales recruitment agency?

A: There was a basket of benefits to the recruiting company. Firstly, if a company where to advertise a sales job in the national press, they may find they receive 100s of applications, and indeed from all over the world.

Q: How do I make money from my recruitment agency?

A: It's quite simple, if they do not find you a job, they make anything from you. If they put you they get a percentage of your salary ranging, say 20%. If you leave in the early weeks or months, they may have to return some of the costs.

Q: How many sales recruitment agencies should I contact?

A: You might think it would not hurt to contact all the agencies available. However, if you do this, be tired, do not tell your recruitment consultant. If they know you by each institution, they also will know their chances of making the cost of you are significantly reduced, and as a result, will put a bit of effort into helping you.