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Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

There is a high salary paid to famous actors in a movie. Some of these actors are so popular, that just associating the name of an actor with that movie can make that movie popular as well. In addition, the character of the actor spreads its quality and skill throughout the movie.

Celebrities are the attention seekers valued for the position they hold in society. People cross various limits for just getting a glimpse of them sometimesHere is the list of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors.

1. Dwayne Johnson – $ 64.5 million

Known as "The Rock", Dwayne was the highest paid actor of 2016. He doesn't seem to be slowing down at any point from the perspective of many things.

2. Jackie Chan – $ 61 million

The kung fu veteran has clearly overtaken the actor, but he is still in second place. Jackie is a household name in Asia.

3. Matt Damon – $ 55 million

The Martian comes to mind and yes the film was a success. The film grossed $ 630.1 million and was based on Damon.

4. Tom Cruise – $ 53 million

Mission Impossible: The success of Rogue Nation is still catching up with Ethan Hunt. Combined with Jack Reacher and Mena's expenses, 53-year-old Tom added up to $ 53 million

5. Johnny Depp – $ 48 million

With a $ 7 million divorce agreement, Depp is ranked 5. The new Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in the Mirror are the reasons for his success.