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Guide on ATV Winches

If the main accessory for an ATV driver is your helmet, what do you think is the most important accessory of your ATV? 

Here I am covering the requirements an ATV winch can be most helpful, the facets of an ATV winch and some techniques in using an ATV winch. After that, you decide for yourself whether it's useful or not.

ATV winch is used not just for pulling trapped ATVs; it may be used for lowering your ATV down a treacherous ravine or moving up a steep incline. Or you might use it to extract another stranded ATV if there are no appropriate anchors nearby. Or you could pull some heavy equipment, or tow another car or clear your path. Keep in mind that there are some differences between the best ATV winch and cheaper models.

This is important since wire ropes have barbs after a few usages. Remember to always use a hook strap, hooks produce a huge pull, and you may skewer your hand if you are not careful. Pull the wire to the anchor point. On choosing an anchor point, always select a natural anchor. And it has to be strong enough to withstand the pull. The most likely candidate must be a tree. Secure the choker around your anchor and attach the clevis shackle into the two ends of the choker and the hook loop. Now lock the clutch and join the remote control. Set the wire rope under tension. It's wiser to create a significant slack by free spooling the winch drum at the beginning of your winching operation. When the rope is under pressure, stand clear and assess everything. That would include your anchor, your ATV, the relations and the environment. Also, it's a safe procedure to put something heavy midway within the wire rope, if the wire rope snaps lose the thing would endure down the rope.

Winches are invaluable in situations as soon as your ATV is stalled since they ran on batteries. ATV winch accessories include the choker chain, tree trunk protector and the recovery strap. If you think that you'll be damaging the anchor tree so much with the choker chain, then use the tree shield. Optimally, tree protectors are used for trees, but if you have boulders as anchors, you need to use the chokers. Recovery straps aren't a good idea to use in the majority of winching operations. As they are stretchable, they're utilized to 'snatch' hard stuck vehicles.