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Take Help Towards Paying Your Mortgage

If you need help towards paying your mortgage then there are several options that can be considered.

1. Check that you are not entitled to income support, child support, pension credit, job seekers allowance, working tax credit, or child tax credit. Contact your Department of Work and Pensions office or local advice center for more information.

2. Check to see if you have mortgage payment protection insurance. If you have but you still reject this contact national debt helpline. You can also get mortgage arrears loans at and can also estimate your monthly mortgage payment.

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3. Check to see if your lender will buy your house and rent back to you (this is quite rare and is known as a mortgage rescue scheme).

4. Check the leaseback scheme by a private company because they can buy your house and rent it back to you (similar to a mortgage rescue scheme). They are often able to offer the option to buy back your home at a later date when you have debt problems. 

What if I still cannot afford my mortgage payments or arrears?

– Look for ways to increase your income (for example by renting out a room in the property) or reduce your expenses to another.

– Sell and rent back your home from a rental company back specialist. Often the rent charged is less than the previous mortgage payment.

 Sell your home and move to a cheaper house you can afford.