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The Benefits Of Disposable Contact Lenses

Many people need vision correction, but hate wearing glasses each day. Glasses change your appearance, can get in the way or fall. They also get wet when it rains and fog in the heat.

Contact lenses have none of these problems. Most popular modern contacts are disposable lenses (which are also known as endagslinser in the Norwegian language). They require very little care, are healthy for your eyes and usually cost less than a quality pair of glasses.

You can choose from several types of disposable contact lenses. A very popular choice is daily lenses. You put in a brand new pair every morning.

These types of lenses have several advantages – no fuss cleaning and storage, provide daily disposable clear vision because the lens is perfectly clean every time you turn and you save on cleaning solutions.

Some people think that throw away contact lenses are inferior in quality compared to traditional contacts. This is not true – the only difference is that much thinner single-use is what's really good for your eyes, because the lens lets more oxygen through.

Daily disposable lenses are also very good for people who wear their contacts often – it is better to open a fresh pair when you need to let your lenses soak in the solution for a week. Most popular brands of daily lenses are Acuvue 1 day Soflens 1 day Focus Dailies.