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The Best Cottage Home Plans For Everyone

Cottages aren’t just small homes that can be used for holiday purposes. Modern cottages are captivating houses that make the best of the space they have. Cottages come in all sizes and offer cozy corners as well as snug nooks.

Modern cottages are usually one and one-half stories, although single-story cottages are popular for waterfront getaways. Many people rent a vacation cottage and become enamored with its charming appeal. Living in a cottage gives you that cozy feeling all year round. You can also contact the best house extension architect online.

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Cottages can be perched on mountains, nestled near a stream, or situated right in the middle of a busy suburb or city. The cottage has a small, effective design with inviting amenities that give you a warm feeling no matter where you live. Front porches, winding staircases, and doghouse windows give cottages added appeal.

Decorating cottages is fun and creative. Cottage-style decorating and "shabby chic" are often used in these smaller houses. Distinctive English cottage touches include hanging china on the walls, using a variety of colors and textures in one room, and mixing patterns. 

The affordable luxury of cottage home plans makes them perfect for both vacationing and year-round enjoyment. Create your retreat for a special welcome every time you enter the door.

Shopping online for cottage house plans makes it easy and fun to find exactly what you want for your main residence or vacation home.