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The Difference Between A Psychologist And A Psychiatrist

Most of us use the terms, "psychiatrist" and "psychology" interchangeably. What we fail to understand is that both the terms are considerably different in meaning from one another. There is an ensuing debate with these two terms, and people get confused from whom to actually seek help from.

However, this article would define the different parameters between psychiatrists and a psychologist. The first difference lies in the suffixes of the terms. The "-iatry" means medical treatment and the "-ology" of psychology means science.

This means that while psychology refers to the study of the psyche, a psychiatrist is a person who treats the medical condition. The parameters also differ in their field of education that is needed to garner the knowledge in the subsequent fields. You can easily get integrative psychiatry and psychotherapy services

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While a psychologist would study for more than five to seven years depending on the graduation and post-graduation course, psychiatrists are medical doctors by their profession. A Ph.D. or a PsyD degree is given to those who complete their studies of clinical psychology.

The title of a psychologist can only be used after the psychologist has completed his tenure of study, research, and internship. Sometimes they also use the terms of a counselor or a therapist to define themselves, especially in the social sector.

On the other hand, a psychiatrist would undergo a series of specialized training in fields of children, adolescence, addiction, adults, drug abuse, etc. The other difference lies in the fact that a psychologist cannot prescribe medication to a patient. They can only use a series of psychotherapy and counseling to treat the condition.