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The FLEX Flameless Venting Device

The FLEX flameless venting device is one of the newest additions to the range of environmental protection products. It is designed to reduce and remove dust, fumes, vapors, and gas without the use of any external power source – including no fuel-based combustion.

This technology has been proven by reducing up to 90% in emissions of particulates at a constant production rate from 2000kg/h with just a 30% loss of total production efficiency! If you need help in installing flameless explosion vents, then visit

What is a Flameless Venting Device?

It is a piece of equipment that is used to produce controlled and directed smoke from a fire. It has been used by firefighters, military personnel, and civilians alike since the 1800s. This device was designed to work without an open flame or fuel.


The FLEX Flameless Venting Device is a new device that could help people with respiratory issues. It uses a plastic bag to pull heat from the underlying area. This heat transfers from the bar to air before it enters the lungs.


The FLEX Flameless Venting Device has many benefits that make it stand out from other devices. One of the main benefits is that it doesn't produce heat. It's safer than traditional venting because it doesn't use any flame or heat to help with breathing problems.


FLEX is a device that uses technology to create a fireless way to ventilate your restroom, workplace, or warehouse during an emergency. The device uses powerful and safe electric coils to generate heat instead of flames. The coils are also able to provide non-stop air circulation for up to 24 hours.