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Things You Should Know About An Entertainment Truck

For those of you who have a party every weekend and sometimes even more often, entertainment trucks are great for getting your guests mingling and having fun! But what is an entertainment truck exactly, and how do you keep one? Here are things you should know about these popular mobile party machines.

Entertainment trucks are an experience, not a booth. An Thunder Truck Entertainment is an experience & it’s the perfect place to throw a party because it’s themed around being out in the open air with your friends and family, but without the claustrophobia of walking through a long line of booths or tables.

Instead, you can enjoy everything about your event from one central location. You don’t have to worry about where you or your guests want to dine, if you want to socialize some more on the patio before dinner or sip cocktails on the deck after dinner, you can do that all on your own time.

They talk regularly with their vendors to ensure they have the most up-to-date entertainment that fits our season, so you’ll never be left in the dark about what has been scheduled. If a particular event isn’t listed on our website, they would love to hear about your special plans for an event. After all, it's your party!

An entertainment truck is a large, commercial vehicle that is used to transport live performers and large equipment. They are usually painted bright colors and have flashing lights on the roof.

An entertainment truck can hold up to 100 people and can travel up to 50mph. They are used for concerts, festivals, and other events where large crowds are needed.