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Thinking About Compression Socks

There is a good chance that compression socks will be recommended if your feet are experiencing poor circulation. What are compression socks exactly? Compression stockings are both available. However, stocking goes all the way up to your legs while socks go around your calves just like regular socks. As you can see, women gravitate towards the stocking option while men prefer the socks.

These are used to apply graduated pressure to the feet and legs to help prevent circulatory problems such as thrombosis or edema. They apply pressure to the whole leg or foot. Most of the pressure will be applied at the ankle because of the pressure in the veins, muscles, and arteries.

Blood is forced down smaller channels by the pressure in these pressure points. Because blood is more difficult to reach its destination, less blood finds its way down to the feet. This causes blood to return to its source faster.

There are two types of compression socks: Anti-embolism or Gradient.

Different brands offer anti-embolism socks. They are designed to support leg drainage. These socks provide more pressure at the ankle than the rest of the leg and lower as the blood moves up the leg. This and other benefits can be combined with the muscles to help circulate the blood throughout the legs.

Gradient socks work in the same way as anti-embolism socks. This includes applying maximum pressure to the ankle. These socks are the best type for those who have to deal with blood clots or blood pooling due to inactivity. They are often the most recommended by doctors. They are designed to make the calves pump more often and to return blood to their hearts more efficiently.