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Tips For Picking A New Watch Band Or Strap

A proper strap is an essential companion to any watch, and switching it out is an easy way to experiment with a whole new style.

The following is one guide we have to straps for watches and watch bands.

Make sure you get the correct size

Find the width of your watch's lugs to ensure that you're purchasing the correct size strap. If the strap is too large, it will become a mess and then fall off or will not fit. A strap that is too small could leave a gap that is unsightly or an irritating shifting motion as your watch is moved separately from the strap.

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The width of lugs will be determined in millimeters; this is why you'll see sizes of 22mm and 24mm on sites. Take out a ruler and measure the distance between the lugs before you purchase. You can also search for the width of your lugs on the site of the manufacturer or Google. Even numbers are very popular however odd numbers are difficult to locate.

Find the perfect length

The majority of watch straps are the standard lengths that accommodate the majority of wrists. For wrists that are large or small, you may be interested in a shorter or a longer strap. Find out the measurement of your wrist using the help of a tape measure as well as wrap a sheet newspaper around the wrist, then place it on the ground to take a measurement.