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Tips To Choose A Cake Topper

The wedding cake is an important part of any wedding reception. They express the personality of the bride and groom and give points to the guests as they wait for the couple to arrive at the reception.

Traditionally, wedding cake toppers usually feature a statue of the bride and groom. They can stand side by side as in ceremony, dancing, holding hands or even kissing. Usually, they are made of crystal or ceramic and quite formal.

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However, not all have to be so traditional cake toppers. The bride and groom with a sense of humor might want to opt for a more non-traditional peak as holding the feet of the bride to the groom or bride fled frightened groom holding in his arms.

Cake toppers can also be customized for the bride. They can be made to specifically suit a couple of appearances including hair color, eye color, etc. For example, a couple who were in the military can choose a statue in a military uniform or couples.

In addition to the typical bride and groom figurines on a wedding cake, there are other options, both with statues and without. Cake toppers with the more ancient-looking couples, cartoon-like figures or even abstract figures can be used.