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Tips To Follow While Setting Up A Ivacy VPN

Privacy is something that is in high demand these days. You are not safe while using the Internet. Privacy has been a success due to the presence of a few people who can do anything to harm your privacy. Ivacy VPN, on the other hand, has come with a way to solve this specific issue. 

Proxies and VPNs are common solutions you can count at any time of the day. Or you can also get downloading recommendations via so that you are able to get the best one for you. Therefore some important tips that can help you in configuring an Ivacy VPN are as follows.

Ivacy VPN on the App Store

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Make sure you have a running firewall:

This may sound like an unimportant aspect but then it should be up and run almost all the time even though when you are not using the VPN. This can prevent unauthorized incoming connections to the network. Most Windows software antivirus comes with in-built firewalls. 

Stay unknown as much as possible:

Most people often forget that your web browser can give a huge amount of user information that can be sometimes very personal. This can also occur due to various policies of websites that may require the user to use cookies and similar things.

Disable any location service:

Most people today use smartphones and tablets for everyday stuff like Facebook and Google. These things also require the use of these services and must be taken care of that the devices can be equipped with many features for tracking and this also includes GPS.

Manage all cookies:

Sometimes we are not capable to give sufficient attention to cookies due to the reason for hectic schedules. You just need to understand what really makes a cookie. Cookies actually try to improve their web browsing that may recur at times.