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Top Tips For Making Your Man Look Presentable At Dinner Parties

No matter how well trained your gentleman friend maybe, ensuring he looks attractive and presentable at all the dinner parties you attend can be a real challenge, especially when he refuses to go out and buy his own clothes. I thought it might be a good idea for me to write a short piece highlighting some of these springs most exciting male fashions and making suggestions about which you should purchase for him over the next couple of months. Hopefully, this will make your life a little bit easier and stop him from looking like he’s been dragged through a hedge backward.

So, if you often find yourself saying things like “no, that’s not good enough, go back in the bedroom and try again”, this article could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. I’ll try not to mention individual items of clothing and instead just focus on the types you may wish to consider. Obviously, your man’s personal tastes must come into the mix somewhere along the line, but in most instances, he’ll wear whatever you say makes him look good, so you’re the one who’s in control really. You can browse stylebuzzer to get more information about it.

1 – Dark Suede Shoes

Although they tend to become ruined if he spends too long outside in the rain, suede shoes are most definitely “in” this spring, so you should place them on your shopping list. Whether you opt for beige, brown or black will depend upon your own tastes and the price tags you find in store, but it’s almost guaranteed he’ll love them, no matter what color they are.

2 – Slim Fit Tailored Suits

Admittedly, you’ll probably have to spend quite a lot of money to get him a quality tailored suit of any kind, but if you want him to look insatiable, then it’s probably worth the expense. For those who simply can’t afford to have a suit made, you’ll find lots of websites online detailing where to get masonic wear for events like dinner parties without too much hassle.

3 – Stylish Silk Shirts

As I’m sure most of the ladies reading this already know, buying a good shirt for you man can be difficult because there’s only a very thin line between stylish and loud. That said; there are lots of lovely designs in most high street clothing stores now, so you just need to select the most suitable. Avoid completely plain shirts because they’re boring.

4 – Light Coloured Casual Trousers

Lastly, if you’re the type of people who enjoy attending less formal dinner parties, then it might be wise to find some light-colored casual trousers to lighten his look. Now, brown is very much in season, so perhaps somewhere between beige and chocolate would be a good idea.

Right ladies, now you’ve had time to read through my suggestions, I’m confident you won’t panic quite as much when the time comes to head out to the shops. Good luck with making the perfect selection, I’m sure all your friends will be jealous of him.