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Traveling To Singapore – Greatest Meals Centres To Eat In Singapore’s Chinatown

Apart from Chinatown Food Street, there is a wealth of other fantastic hawker centers or local food around Singapore's Chinatown. 

The most important difference between those "additional" hawker centers and also the Chinatown Food Street is these hawker centers offer a far more real regional experience, far more variety, and also much more affordable cost to drink and eat. Here's a fast summary of the 3 hawker centers around Chinatown.

1. Maxwell Food Centre

Just across the road in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is the historical Maxwell Food Centre. It's most definitely among the most well-known food centers in Singapore. Even celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain did a portion of his tv travel series, No Reservations, here at Maxwell Centre where he sampled chicken rice in the Tian Tian Chicken Rice Stall.

2. People's Park Food Centre

Just beside the People's Park Complex shopping center, is the People's Park Food Centre. It's a sprawling food center on the first floor serving a vast array of Chinese food. Due to the influx of mainland Chinese individuals there, you'll also find some wonderful food stalls selling handmade pork dumplings.  

3. Chinatown Complex

Just supporting the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple on the Exact Same side as the Chinatown Food Street is your Chinatown Complex. The Chinatown Complex is a neighborhood market that market meats and produce on the cellar floor, accessories and clothes on the primary floor, and lastly but not least, food around the next floor 

The food place on the second floor is enormous. You can't ever go thirsty in Singapore's Chinatown. All of them have lots of selection, and the costs for the meals you will find quite affordable