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Two of the several advantages of CPR training

Everyone should know the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (also called CPR). This procedure can save lives if someone is in serious danger or injured. CPR training is mandatory for anyone who works with children. They must be able to help a child in distress.

The agency provides CPR exercise in Kent, including schools and hospitals, as well as at almost all other locations in Kent. This training offers two advantages: it can save lives and allow you to work with children. 

Anyone who works in daycare with children must be certified in CPR. This training is required by many day-cares as they want staff to be able to respond quickly to emergency situations.

CPR classes will help people learn how to do chest compressions and rescue breaths. They can practice the skills on manikins. They can pass the exam and receive the CPR certification they need to work alongside children.

Training in CPR can save lives. This is the greatest benefit. CPR instruction is a course that teaches how to perform CPR safely on both children and adults. They may also be taught how to use a defibrillator. A shock can save a person’s life if they are having difficulty breathing.

Although CPR training is not considered a certification for day-care workers, it will help them save lives in emergency situations.