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Vintage Or Antique Watch Repairs

If you own an antique or vintage timepiece, it's normal to wear and take care of your watch with more care than people of average age. The older watches are more vulnerable to rough treatment by water damage or intrusion of dust as compared to modern counterparts. Restoration is a totally distinct field from the usual watch servicing.

A lot of time, the watches are in poor and damaged condition. Restoring vintage timepieces is a process that requires an extensive understanding of the history of horology. Watchmaker's expertise in antique timepieces allows for that the watch is restored to its original design.

Repair of antique watches is a specialty of watchmakers. Master Watchmaker, who specializes in all types of antique watches and maintains their condition to maximize their value. You can also find an authorized Seiko service center to repair your watch.

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If you have an old watch or acquired a family heirloom that requires attention and care ensure that your watch is fixed as new!

Tip on maintaining your watch

It is essential to take your watch to an annual service every three to five years for an examination. Even if your watch isn't showing any signs of wear, there are a lot of components inside the mechanism that are susceptible to deterioration with time, including gaskets and seals made of rubber.