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What Are The Advantages Associated With Dental Implants?

Dental implant surgery is a complete and complex process that requires several steps. Several surgeries may be necessary. As with any surgery, this procedure and the recovery period have risks and benefits.

Here are some of the benefits you get after implant surgery:

Less sensitivity

If you work with an implant dentist, you will often have less sensitivity in your gums and teeth than before surgery, especially when eating or drinking.

Support facial integrity

Implant surgery supports your jawbone and promotes long-term facial integrity. They prevent the "sunken" appearance of the face and allow you to preserve your youthful appearance.

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Improved speech

It is easier to speak clearly when you have dental implants than when you have missing teeth. This will give you confidence when talking to others.

Save your teeth

Bridges and crowns require the surrounding teeth to be well filed. Implants don't, so you can keep all of your remaining natural teeth.

Preventing TMJ

Replacing missing teeth in your mouth will prevent your jaw or teeth from moving. This will prevent jaw disorders including TMJ.

Prevention of bone loss

The posts of the implants integrated into the jaw are made of titanium. They help prevent gum recession and bone loss. This is because the pressure of chewing will stimulate the underlying bone, preventing it from deteriorating.


Implants are durable and strong and will usually never require surgical replacement. Restorations can wear out after about 10 years, but they can be replaced through a process that does not involve surgery.