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What Is A Mobile Crane?

The term "mobile crane" refers to a type of construction machine that is generally used for moving heavy objects such as building materials. The term includes a variety of equipment, all of which are utilized to lift and transport heavy items. Read on to learn more about the operation of mobile cranes.

A mobile crane is a large and heavy construction equipment that can be moved around to various construction sites. It is typically used for heavy lifting and construction tasks. The main use for a mobile crane would be for construction jobs that require its lifting power. 

The weight of the mobile crane needs to be lifted from one place to another and certain task that could not be carried out manually are best suited for a mobile crane’s lifting capabilities. Some of the uses of a mobile crane include:

  • building construction sites (e.g. road, bridge etc.)

  • restoration works on historic buildings or monuments

  • installation of huge heavy equipment (e.g. wind turbines) on top of hills and mountains

construction works in rugged regions with difficult terrain, like deserts and inhospitable climate regions (e.g mountainous areas) where it is not possible to use standard construction equipment. Also, there are instances where the mobile crane is a necessity to lift heavy items for engineers and contractors. This can be used for construction works in power plants, substations and oil rigs.

A mobile crane is an ideal solution to install bridges on top of mountains where standard construction equipment cannot reach due to difficulties in accessing the site or due to their poor technical abilities. The mobile cranes are capable of working on uneven surfaces and do not need a foundation of any kind.