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What Is Antenatal Care?

Prenatal care is women's health care while they are pregnant. During prenatal visits, pregnant women receive support, reassurance, and information about birth and pregnancy, as well as tests and checks to see if they and their babies are healthy.

If issues or problems are found, they can be managed during the visit to the clinic. To know more information about antenatal care, you can visit

antenatal clinic

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If necessary, women can be transmitted to other caregivers. Different types of health workers can provide prenatal care. These include midwives, doctors, nurses, and sometimes TBAs.

The World Health Organization suggests that all pregnant women receive prenatal care, but pregnant women do not ever use it carefully. This may be because they do not think it is essential, or because they can not get to the health facility.

It may also be because the prenatal care they get is of poor quality or because they are badly treated when they are there. Looking at women studies and opinions of health workers and the experiences of antenatal care, we sought to learn more about what might help women to prenatal care, and what could prevent the use.

Prenatal care is not only about medicine and testing. It includes tips and provides information such as this guide. It also includes advice on your general health about exercise, eating well, and stopping smoking.