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What Is The Process For Laser Hair Removal?

The laser hair removal process actually operates with a simple idea. A bright illumination beam is directed at the melanin that is present in dark hair. The heat absorbed then eliminates the hair’s roots and, shortly afterward, the hair is removed from the hair follicle.

The most suitable people to undergo laser hair removal are those with fair skin tone and dark hair. While many believe that a single session is enough to ensure hair removal, however, this isn’t the truth.

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which Is Best For Facial Hair?

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Information about how to eliminate unwanted hair by using the laser technique:

1. Laser hair removal can be a lengthy procedure that is dependent on the location being treated as well as the growth cycle of the patient. In addition, there should be a gap between treatments to allow your skin’s heal and the hair to grow back.

2. The back and face are among the most costly areas for hair removal. Other areas that are commonly treated with hair removal are the bikini area, chest, as well as feet.

3. The Clinician applies the gel to the skin area to be treated by a laser to keep the skin cool while using the laser. It is possible to experience a little discomfort due to the laser-like elastic band that has been snapped onto the skin. The discomfort will disappear quickly.

4. Since hair is growing in cycles, you need to schedule between 3 and 8 sessions with a Clinician to ensure the complete elimination of hair from your specific areas.

Any additional information you need about laser hair removal should be addressed with your dermatologist.