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What To Expect On Your Discover Scuba Diving Experience

If you are doing a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience, which is the most popular program of its type, they will start you off with some paperwork and introduce you to your instructor.

Additional Scuba Diving certification agencies such as SSI have comparable apps that follow similar but unique processes; have an identical purpose in mind, to allow you to feel secure and confident in the sport, also for you to have an excellent time!

What To Expect On Your Discover Scuba Diving Experience

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The teacher will most likely have you take a look at a Discover Scuba Diving flip graph. This flip chart is going to have some significant dive theory and a few significant dive principles and items which are important for you to remember, like the golden rule of scuba diving of not holding your breath and equalizing your ears along with atmosphere spaces every couple of meters or when distress is felt.

The teacher will then perform a pre-dive brief describing the processes, signs and also abilities that you're likely to perform from the water, including skills for regaining and replacing your regulator, clearing your mask of water, locating and utilizing an alternate air supply.

There are a number of additional straightforward abilities too you will be asked to do. The teacher will help you in to your scuba diving gear, and Be Sure that dip equipment is installed properly

The teacher will then take your team into shallow water, either in a swimming pool, or pool-like states, in which you'll be able to stand up at any time. The teacher will clarify the ability which you're likely to do, after which you are going to go submerged collectively.