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Why is it important to get a primary care physician

Indeed, the United States healthcare system is typically centered around hospitals and special health care. The importance of primary care, however, is still unanswered and debated, in part because of the limited research.

What exactly is "primary care"?

To find out if the participants received primary care, the researchers requested that they provide the name of a doctor who they "usually visit when someone needs help or assistance with their wellbeing." If you are looking for the finest primary care physicians contact Prime Direct Health.

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If they could identify the name of a doctor who worked outside of the emergency department they were deemed to be a "usual source of medical care."

Furthermore, study participants had to say "yes" to receive each of the "C's" for primary health care:

  • The First Contact (i.e. new health issues)
  • Comprehensive (i.e. preventive health services, including general health checks as well as immunizations and exams)
  • Continuous: (i.e. continuous health problems)
  • Coordinated (i.e. the referral of other health professionals when required) 

The study found that although all patients received the same amount of healthcare, Americans with primary care were significantly better off "high-value" services like cancer screenings as well as diagnostic and preventive tests for diabetes, and counseling. People with primary care have better access to healthcare and experiences, as compared to those with no.

In the end, it concluded that health system executives who are looking to improve the value of their services ought to consider investing more money in primary care.